Nola Pender Health Promotion Model

Health Promotion Model is a theory formulated by Nola J Pender. Nola J. Pender, PhD, RN, FAAN was a professor of nursing at the University of Michigan in 1982 when the theory was first proposed and later it was revised in 1996. The theory is often referred to as the Pender Health Promotion Model.

Health Promotion Models theory suggests that good health is not just the absence of any health ailment or disease, it is much beyond that. Good health implies a general and holistic state of well being, healthy actions of an individual and a balanced, fulfilling way of life. As per the Health Promotion Model, every individual interacts in a unique way within their environment. All such actions and reactions collide with the natural health of the individual and either goes on to attain a positive dynamic state of health or poor health, often noted as ailing health.

The Health Promotion Models theory looks at steps in which a person can pursue better health or ideal health. To achieve that, the Health Promotion Model takes into consideration individual characteristics and experiences, behavior specific cognitions and affect and behavioral outcomes of a person. Every analysis is used to determine the best methods for attaining improved health, enhanced functional ability and better quality of life.

The factors that are delved into in the Health Promotion Model are predominantly an individual’s lifestyle, mindset, psychological health, social and cultural aspects as well as biological factors. Once every bit of information is jot down, there is a set of actions, functional as well as behavioral, that are recommended for the individual. Any such action would meet with certain barriers in its way. Steps are taken to counter such preventive barriers which might cause disruption in abiding by the Health Promotion Model. For instance, if an individual leads an inactive social life but a physically active lifestyle then stress may be put on encouraging a better social life to attain proper balance. The vice versa stand recommended as well.

The Health Promotion Model is a unique approach to attain good health and to lead a good, balanced life. Every individual irrespective of age can benefit from the Health Promotion Model. At every stage of the development cycle, behavioral changes, amends to lifestyles and progress of good health is noted down to ascertain the further course of steps necessary.

The Pender Health Promotion Model is also a way to avert health ailments and problems associated with aging and an inactive or unfulfilling lifestyle.

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