Health Promotion

What is Health Promotion?

What is Health Promotion?

With changing lifestyles and increase in the incidence of health related problems, health promotion is becoming more and more relevant, and people are becoming more curious to explore this field. There is no definitive health promotion definition, and it can be explained in various ways. If you ask 10 people as to what is health promotion, you will get a different answer. It can be best described as a multidisciplinary field that is aimed at encouraging such human behaviors and environmental changes that are conducive to human health. It is believed that mere absence of disease does not mean a person is healthy. General well being and positive frame of mind are deemed crucial to an individual’s health.

An important health promotion definition was given by a famous academician Nola Pender. His definition is based on a premise that state of health is deeply affected by the behavior, rationale, and cognition of the individual. The basic function of health promotion pender theory is to show that individuals are self determining and that his health is determined by his personal characteristics and personal history. The theory states that an individual’s health is determined by the lifestyle choices he makes. This theory finds application in the field of nursing.

Though most employers have different health promotion definitions, these days many companies have health promotion plans in place. They have programs which are intended at promoting health and well being of the employees in order to increase productivity, bring down medical costs, keep the employees motivated, improve their corporate image, and to increase employee retention. The health promotion programs are comprehensive in nature, and may include many aspects like having a gym in office, conducting regular medical tests, maintaining hygiene, organizing health training, and several other factors conducive to employee health.

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