Health Promotion in Nursing Practice – The New Role of Nurses

Health Promotion in Nursing Practice – The New Role of Nurses

Aside from doctors, there is one very important role in the medical field, the nurse. Nurses do more than just take a person’s temperature, they are the representative of the doctor and help that doctor perform his duties and interact with his or her patients. It takes a very special man or woman to become a nurse, and the skills of a nurse goes beyond what he or she learns in school. However, the role of the nurse is changing, and these changes are a big part of the way that medicine is changing. The role of the nurse in health promotion is a big part of his or her job. Here is more information on health promotion in nursing practice.

Health Promotion Nursing – The Face and Voice of the Doctor

Think about your last doctor visit for just one moment. Who did you spend more time talking to, the doctor or his nurse? Without the aid of a nurse, a doctor really cannot handle the amount of patients that he or she has. Nurses really are the face of the doctor and are there to speak to that patient and help that patient as much as he or she can.

Health Belief Model Nursing – Helping to Preserve Wellness

The definition of health promotion is to help a person take charge of their own health and work toward improving it. The best way to help a person take their health into their own hands is to give them the right tools and these tools is information. Nurses have to study long and hard to earn their degree and they are a key to providing a patient with the right information he or she needs to get healthy and stay healthy.

Health Belief Model Nursing – The Key to Success in Health Promotion

Sometimes opportunity makes all the difference in the world. A nurse takes advantage of every opportunity he or she is given to deal with the patient directly. Nurses need to seize every moment with a patient as a way to educate them. Is the patient a diabetic that is seeing the doctor for wound care? Dealing with a diabetic patient is the perfect chance for the nurse to let them know about keeping good control over their blood sugar levels.

Nurses perform many things. Nurses deal with both doctors and patients, and the role of the nurse goes beyond giving a pill or bandaging a wound. Health promotion is a new way for nurses to help both the doctor and the patient by proving them with accurate information that could make a difference in the overall health of that patient.

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